Better In Balance

Denver Rolfing®

If you are living in pain or not performing the way you want to be, there is a reason, and Rolfing is the investigative tool that will help us find it.

In most cases (Spoiler Alert!) that reason is this: You’ve developed a set of compensation or habitual usage patterns, using your body in specific ways that no longer serve the purpose for which you originally developed them.

Take a sprained ankle for example. You walk with a limp until the ankle feels better, then you stop.

Or do you?

I see people every day walking with years-old limps without any knowledge of it. This pattern leads to muscles developing in abnormal ways, ligaments and tendons being stressed in an attempt to compensate. The original injury has made its way into your entire body, changing the way you move and live.

Identifying where this pattern begins, ends, and “works” is what I do. Once we identify the problem, we move on to soft tissue manipulation which will help you gain a deep awareness of those problem areas and retrain your body to follow a pattern that will better serve your overall health.

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