Better In Balance

Nutritional Therapy

I’m often asked “What Should I eat?” It’s a great and—for many people—frustrating question. It’s frustrating because they don’t seem to feel better no matter what they eat, which diet they try, what they cut out, or what they add. Once your digestion is compromised, it doesn’t matter what you put in your mouth; you aren’t digesting it properly.

Nutritional Therapy is about finding where the digestion process has broken down, then healing those areas. By providing dietary advice, we help to minimize damage and maximize nutrients. Much like Rolfing, Nutritional Therapy involves identifying patterns that are no longer serving you, finding ways to break those patterns, and replacing them with new, healthier ways of living.

Let’s say you skip breakfast. You’re desperate to eat by 11 a.m. You’re crashing by 2 p.m., so you use sugary and caffeinated drinks to stay awake. You feel somewhat better in the evening, but find yourself staying up too late, unable to sleep when it matters most.

I hope this doesn’t sound familiar to you. It’s the too-common story of the average American, caught in a 9-to-5 job and eating the Standard American Diet (SAD). Taking a pill or eating a miracle food will not get you out of these patterns. But there is hope. I’ve lived that life, and I’ve escaped it.

And I can show you how.

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