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Better in Balance: Rolfing Denver Since 2014

Better in Balance has been providing trusted rolfing and nutritional therapy services in Denver since 2014. Practiced by Denver Nutritional Therapy Practitioner Thomas Gilliford.

Rolfing is a form of alternative medicine that involves hands-on body manipulation in order to relieve chronic pain. This is done by realigning the body to be in better relation with the Earth’s gravitational field. Rolfing has also been described as an intricately manipulative massage used to reconnect body tissue. Massages performed during a typical rolfing session specifically work the body’s soft tissue. Rolfing also includes movement education that consists of many helpful tips to improving your sitting or standing posture and walking gait, as well as a series of pain-relieving stretches.

In order to help Denver rolfing clients achieve better health, Better in Balance also incorporates Nutritional Therapy training. Nutritional Therapy helps aid the digestive system which, in turn, leads to improved overall health. The nutritional therapy program picks out certain foods that will benefit each unique patient’s individual mental and physical health. Everyone is different, certain foods will help some meet their health goals more efficiently than others. Better in Balance believes every ‘body’ should have a diet that correlates with his or her own personal well-being. Improved personal well-being is the primary goal of nutritional therapy, and Better in Balance.

Better in Balance’s rolfing and nutritional therapy programs make you a better, more functionally healthy person in your day-to-day life. Denver Nutritionist Thomas Gilliford relieves chronic pain by offering exclusive rolfing services in conjunction with nutritional therapy training. The combination of the awesome healing power of rolfing and Thomas Gilliford’s exclusive nutritional therapy training will allow you to improve your overall well-being, while also affording you the freedom to do the activities you love – free from chronic pain!

If you are looking for increased functionality in your daily tasks, as well as the freedom to live pain-free, schedule a rolfing and nutritional therapy appointment with the rolfing Denver Nutritionist Thomas Gilliford, today!

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